Mapbagrag paper case for Jolla Tablet


A paper, artisanal handmade case for Jolla Tablet.
The external is made with a special, waterproof and resistant paper, the inside instead it’s black nylon. It was the celebrative case born from a collaboration between Jolla and Mapbagrag, at time of Jolla Tablet launch.

This item is now grouped with an Aigo Tablet, buying this will add the Aigo Tablet for a total of 199€.

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(Source: original mapbagrag site)

Product information “cover for Jolla (swan)”
Case for the Jolla Tablet
The transform cover protects your Jolla Tablet from taps and debuffs, scratches and scratches, from dirt paw and juice varnish.

The mapbag transform cover turns into a handy prop for reading, tapping and watching videos on your Jolla tablet.

Here are two positions possible.

mapbags love to eat Jolla.



…mapbags are made of super-strong paper.
They protect your electronic treasures. Cuddling inside, they face life outside.

Made in EU
All our products are made by hand in Austria and at our Nachtbaren. As a result, even small quantities can be produced in high quality.

mapbags are made of water and tear-resistant It contains 25% of already recycled material, no poisons and is ph-neutral. The waste in the specialty paper production is recycled, the production itself requires less energy than is necessary for normal paper. Our mapbag paper feels like paper and is 100%

Water resistant
The paper and the imprint are waterproof, mapbags can also be washed at 30 °.

Our mapbags are very resistant and tearproof. We have not been able to tear it up yet.

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Weight300 g


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